29 January 2010


I have a problem. I love this project, and now that I'm involved in it, it's a fabulous distraction. While I should be grading, or reading for class, or writing assignments, I can choose instead browse and read others' posts, contemplate my own, update my profile, and still convince myself I'm being productive.

I was so excited to get my first comments, and I'm eager to repay the favors - there's lots I want to say to so many people - but I need to grade first.

Soon, cyberfriends, soon...

25 January 2010

One Down, Twenty-Two to Go...

So I'm satisfied with the appearance of my blog, for now. I'll admit that I've tried on at least a dozen templates, and different color schemes for a few of them, and don't even get me started on how many different pictures I've tried out as my profile picture - I might try to log some of these hours in MTP as "independent photoshop exploration" since I had to crop out a LOT of other people just to get some good candidates.

And it did strike me that I might be dwelling on the superficial, and I'm not entirely proud of how much time and energy I spent on what might easily be considered the cosmetic aspects of my blog. But that said, I'm intensely aware of the fact that what I put out on the internet is me, and for better or worse, I'm a little bit of a freak about the details. Just as surely as I'd be horrified to find I'd made a spelling error in a post, I'd be mortified to realize there was broccoli in my teeth in the picture I'd chosen, or that the colors of my template seemed boring upon closer examination. People would see that, and draw conclusions about me based on the evidence before them - that's what I'd do, anyway.

That's what sometimes overwhelms me about Web 2.0. I'm eager to create and contribute and explore all kinds of different things, but also conscious of the breadcrumbs I leave behind as I do some of those things. I am a proud and frequent facebook user, and have a set of personal guidelines that allows me to be comfortable with what I post, what I allow others to post, whom I friend, and who has access to my page - but it took time and patience to figure all that out. My biggest anxiety is that I unwittingly make too public something that would better be kept private.

And paradoxically, I think that going public is the most exciting part of Web 2.0 as well. I am enthusiastic about entering a vast forum for exchanging ideas, sharing my thoughts and sensibilities, and I do intuitively understand that I will get more out of this if I really put out into the web universe what I need or want from it, and that's going to require some disclosure on my part.

23 January 2010


I was so excited to write about something yesterday and kept trying to find 5 minutes during the day for a short post, but didn't. Now I'm logged on, and can't think of a thing. It's totally gone. Boo to that.

21 January 2010

Getting Started

SO I'm not really so much a techie, but I'm embarking on this journey to learn more about the ways that web 2.0 can enrich the experiences my students and I have in our classroom. At least that's my primary goal - I suspect I'll find a lot that will be applicable to more personal and recreational activities too. We'll see...